Aircraft purchase support

For many private pilots, purchasing one’s own aircraft is “fulfilling a dream” and opens the door to airborne independence.
Purchasing an aircraft involves consideration of many factors for the new aircraft owner to satisfactorily take to the skies after a successful sale.
Benefit from our many years of experience - we will be happy to advise you, guide you and accompany you from the initial idea right through to purchasing your own aircraft!
Our aim is not only to present our own property to you, but to find the right aircraft for you on the market.

Some particularly important points to consider are:
•    Needs assessment: In case you are still undecided...!?
     Which aircraft is suitable for you, fits your budget and fulfils your wishes and needs.
•    Finding the right aircraft for you: What do I need to consider...?
     We can find the right aircraft, regardless of whether on the European or US market.
•    Technical inspection/pre-buy inspection: Have you set your sights on a particular aircraft...?
     As an EASA / FAA hangar and maintenance operation, we can perform the pre-buy inspection (together with you if preferred) and assess the technical condition of your chosen aircraft as well as the available maintenance documentation. We recognise the “critical points” for most aircraft types which require special attention to avoid unwanted surprises.
•    Support for drawing up a purchase agreement: Your decision is final...!
     This regards details particularly with respect to certifiable systems and components, pledge registry entries, etc.
•    Organisation of delivery flight: It’s almost time... We work together with well-known ferry pilots to safely deliver your future property from all over the world.
•    Approval, registration, re-registration, insurance, LBA/FAA: The necessary step...
     We establish contact with well-known insurance and broker companies, (re-)register your aircraft with the relevant authorities or can handle EASA or FAA registration for you.
•    Instruction and flight training: It’s time...!

In connection with insured flight schools, we can organise constructive, practice-oriented instruction on your own aircraft - Europe-wide! Your previous flying experience and future mission profile will be taken into account, regardless of whether you are looking for standard instruction or special training (IFR, long-haul, etc.).

We look forward to a no-obligation consultation.