EASA maintenance

Dedicated to providing professional service to you. And quality maintenance to your airplane!

Our team is committed to offering you a comprehensive service. We believe that open and honest communication with our customers is the most important factor. You will always be kept up-to-date with advances in current maintenance and repair measures or the latest findings and results. We provide visual material and use modern methods of communication.
Is your aircraft currently undergoing maintenance?
You will be kept in the loop!

Our two heated hangars at the Allendorf/Eder airfield feature 900m² of maintenance and storage space to ensure that your aircraft will remain indoors during maintenance.

Do you require your aircraft to be collected/returned to you? Simply get in touch with us.

Our core competencies lie in the area of maintenance and repairs of single and twin-engine aircraft with piston engines, and this is supported by approval from the Aviation Authority.
As a CAMO+ organisation, we have the privilege of carrying out annual airworthiness inspections (ARC). As a private owner, you decide whether this is conducted in our monitored environment or whether to perform this yourself: