In order to avoid risks associated with purchase, it is important to completely understand the condition of your future aircraft.

A pre-inspection by authorised specialist personnel is therefore recommended to provide long-lasting joy after purchasing your new item!

We assess the overall technical condition - comparable with scope of a 100h service, but we also consider the type-specific “critical points”.

In addition to the technical inspection, our inspection personnel also check the aircraft's technical documentation: In additional to regular maintenance, it is extremely important that potential retrofits and modifications are not only certified, but are also correctly documented. Which parts and components are subject to a limited lifespan? When must these be replaced? Which foreseeable costs must the new owner consider for the next few years?

After finishing the “pre-purchase inspection”, you will receive from us a fault report with detailed photos and, if desired, any defects can be explained directly to the buyer and seller on site.

The so-called “pre-purchase inspection” is carried out by us worldwide for EASA and FAA-registered aircraft. Contact us to arrange a consultation.